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AGM battery MWL 28-12 12V 28Ah Long Life

Code: AKU-MWL-12V-28AH
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Documentation: download datasheet for AKU-MWL-12V-28AHAKU-MWL-12V-28AH - Datasheet
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AGM battery MWL 28-12 12V 28Ah#

AGM battery MWL 28-12 12V 90Ah
Batteries MW Power type MWL are designed for use mainly in emergency power systems e.g. UPS, emergency lighting, automation systems and telecommunications. . The batteries can also be used in applications, where they operate cyclically. For discharges of 50% can reach 400 cycles. Designed service life 10-12 years to range of 20-25 °C.

Technical Data#

Voltage 12V
Capacity 28Ah
Weight 9,2kg
Dimesions (L x W x H) 166 x 125 x 175 mm
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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 28 September, 2017.
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