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Product model: XB-TR-FOSC-MDUE24-2SB8-2P
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Splice Enclosures Tracom FTTX MDU E24 uncut port + 2xSplitBox1x8#

Splice Enclosures Tracom FTTX MDU E24 uncut port 2xSplitBox1x8
Tracom FTTX MDU E24 (2xPG/uncut port) is a box-type distributor equipped with 26 inlet/outlet ports. This type of muff is used to protect fiber optic strands and branching applications. Polycarbonate material (PC) forming the casing is made of high quality material resistant to UV radiation, low (-40 ° C) and high (+ 60 ° C) temperature, and chemical substances which makes it suitable for both overhead installations and duct and earth. It is designed so that its installation runs in a simple and efficient manner and at the same time offers a proven fiber optic management system. All metal elements of the joint are made of corrosion-resistant materials. The muff has 2 split boxes, each of them adapted to accommodate 9 SC Simplex / LC Duplex adapters and a 1x8SC / 1x16LC Steel splitter, which in combination with 24 customer cable outlets can significantly improve and shorten the installation time. A new construction port is the default port for 2 glands (PG) and separate UNCUT modular port (2x fi15mm / oval port) + optional (blinded) for self-assembly allowing to decide on the purpose of the muff depending on the needs.

Set contains:
  • integrated optical fiber tray 24 / 48J
  • a panel with two split boxes
  • 2xPG port / modular port UNCUT (2x fi 15mm / oval port) + optional (plugged)
  • protective tubes for fiber distribution
  • plastic single-use clamps
  • key
  • weld seams
  • mounting accessories
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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 22 March, 2019.
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