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Product model: XB-TR-FOSC-G-V3A
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Splice Enclosures Tracom FOSC-G v.3 Typ-A (48J 4x010)#

Splice Enclosures Tracom FOSC-G (48J 4x010)
The Tracom Enclosures series is equipped with fully hermetic, heat-sealed or mechanical inlet/outlet ports. This type of muff is used to protect fiber optic strands and branching applications. Material Polypropylene (PP) is forming the casing is made of high quality material resistant to UV radiation, low (-40 °C) and high (+ 60 °C) temperature, and chemical substances which makes it suitable for both overhead and duct installations as well as ground installations. It is designed so that its installation proceeds in a simple and efficient manner. The organization of optic fibers in the muff facilitates optical fiber trays, which can be purchased separately, so the customer decides whether he needs them at all and in what quantity. All metal elements of the joint are made of corrosion-resistant materials.

Set contains:
  • bracket for fixing the muff on the wall,
  • heat-sealing sealing tubes,
  • 45mm weld seams,
  • protective tubes for the distribution of fibers,
  • aluminum tape (self-adhesive) to protect the cable during welding of sealing tubes,
  • self-adhesive protective tape,
  • clamp for branching BOKT cables,
  • Velcro tape organizer,
  • sandpaper,
  • plastic single-use clamps.
Accessories needed to buy:
  • Fiber tray Tracom P010 (12/24) 1-4 pcs.
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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 22 March, 2019.
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