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Gold WiFi :: GOLD-SAG5457-12 5GHz omnidirectional 12 dBi

Manufacturer: Gold Wireless
Code: GOLD-SAG5457-12
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Packaging: 20 pcs/carton
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Omnidirectional Antenna Gold WiFi SAG-5457-12
Omnidirectional Antenna Gold WiFi SAG-5457-12

Gold WiFi SAG-5457-12 omnidirectional antenna is designed to provide maximum performance and reliability under the toughest weather conditions. These antennas feature a UV stable, fiberglass radome that gives ultimate protection against weather elements. Antenna is designed to create an omnidirectional broadcast pattern and ideally suited for wide coverage applications.

Features :
  • High 12dBi gain
  • Low VSWR < 1.45
  • UV resistant
  • N-female connector
  • Mast mount diameter 40-50mm
  • 360? beam

Omnidirectional Antenna Gold WiFi SAG-5457-12
Type Omnidirectional
Frequency 5450MHz - 5850MHz
Gain 12 dBi
VSWR < 1.45
Impedance 50 Ohm
Polaryzation Vertical
Vertical Beam 7?
Horizontal Beam 360?
Temperature range -40?C~+60?C
Dimensions (HxD) 750 mm x 25 mm
Weight 0.36 kg
Connector N female
Material Fiberglass
Mounting bracket 30 mm - 50 mm
Wind load up to 180 km/h
Antena Gold WiFi SAG-5457-12
Antena Gold WiFi SAG-5457-12
Vertical Horizontal
VSWR antena dookólna Antena Gold WiFi SAG-5457-12
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