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Jirous JRC-29 DuplEX 2pcs


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Jirous JRC-29 DuplEX#

Antena Paraboliczna Jirous JRC-29 DuplEX
The kit includes a pair of antennas. Lead time 3 working days.

Jirous JRC-29 DuplEX dual polarized antenna for 5GHz frequency, with gain 29 dBi. High polarization separation 53dB and 38dB front to back ratio. Excellent choice for medium distance, high transfer N Stream dual link.

Important features :#

  • Dual polarization, vertical and horizontal
  • Polarization separation 53 dB
  • Only one antenna instead of two
  • High front to back ratio 43dB
  • Directional connection for medium distance, and low distance in heavy conditions
  • Adjustment mounting kit
  • Outdoor usage
  • Separation and VSWR is controlled on every production step.
  • Plastic cover
  • Price for 2 antennas

Mounting instruction(info)

Frequency range 5.45 - 5.9 GHz
Gain 28.6 ą 0.6dBi
VSWR <1.5
Polarization Vertical and Horizontal
Beamwith -3 dB
Polarization isolation 53 dB
Front to back ratio 43dB
Connector 2 x N female
Construction Waterproof antenna
Antena Paraboliczna Jirous JRC-29 DuplEX
Antena Paraboliczna Jirous JRC-29 DuplEX
Antena Paraboliczna Jirous JRC-29 DuplEX
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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 01 March, 2011.