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Jirous JRMD-400-10/11

Manufacturer: Jirous
Code: JIROUS-JRMD-400-10-11
Product model: JRMD-400-10/11
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Documentation: download datasheet for JRMD-400-10/11JRMD-400-10/11 - Datasheet
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Parabolic antenna JRMD – 400–10/11 (JIROUS JRMD-400-10/11) JIROUS
Parabolic antenna JRMD-400-10/11.
Antenna JRMD 400-10/11 is designed for microwave links at the frequency band 10 and 11 GHz. The new generation is coming in a deep reflector dish design with a massive holder. The antenna is supplied with a holder that allows easy mounting on a mast. The holder can be installed separately on the mast. Subsequently, you can simply hang up the antenna with microwave unit into it. The holder allows precise adjustment in both directions. Ready for right and left side mounting.

Key features:
  • deep parabola for better parameters
  • easy to assembly: first the holder and then the antenna only by 2 screws
  • fine setting elevation (of gradient) and azimuth 20
  • extreme wind stability

Design for MW units:
  • Mimosa
  • Racom
  • Alcoma
  • Summit
  • UBNT AF-11 - necessary to use JXAF-11 adapter
  • Other adaptors on request

Frequency range 10.0 – 12.0 GHz
Gain Low frequency 29.0 1
High frequency 30 1 dBi
Front to back ratio ≥ 50 dB
Beamwidth ≥ 4.6 1
Return loss (VSWR) ≥ 14 dB/
Polarization Linear, vertical/horizontal
Parabola Ø 400 mm , Aluminium alloy
Input/output Circle waveguide Ø 19 mm
Cover UV steady plastic ABS
Installation for mast Ø 40 – 120 mm
Operating wind load 180 km/h
Survival wind load 240 km/h
Weight of antenna 3.4 kg
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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 February, 2019.
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