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Intercell 10 B38+B39 (P02003-B38B39-10W)

Manufacturer: Mikrotik
Code: RTB-P02003-B38B39-10W
Product model: P02003-B38B39-10W
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Documentation: download datasheet for P02003-B38B39-10WP02003-B38B39-10W - Datasheet
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Intercell 10 B38+B39 (P02003-B38B39-10W)#

P02003-B38B39-10W Mikrotik
Outdoor TDD-LTE dual carriers base station for bands 38 and 39

The Intercell 10 B38+B39 is an outdoor TDD-LTE dual carriers base station with 2*(2*10W) output power (each carrier supports 2x2 MIMO with 10W output each RF channel ). The unit is compact, light weight, and easy to deploy. The Intercell 10 B38+B39 offers excellent performance, helping operators provide better coverage and higher capacity with minimal effort.
  • Standard TDD bands 38 and 39
  • Peak data rate of each carrier (20 MHz)
    -DL 140Mbps (256QAM,SF2)
    -UL 30Mbps (64QAM,SF1)
  • Peak data rate of carrier aggregation (20 MHz)
    -DL 280Mbps (256QAM,SF2)
    -UL 60Mbps (64QAM,SF1)
  • Maximum 2 * 192 RRC connected users and 2 * 96 active users
  • 5/10/15/20 MHz operation bandwidth
  • All IP based backhaul, many IP backhaul methods can be used, including RJ45 Ethernet, SFP
  • Plug-and-play with SON features, including self-configuration/self-optimization/self-healing
  • High transmission power to extend NLOS coverage, low power consumption to save OPEX.

P02003-B38B39-10W Mikrotik


MTBF Approximately 200'000 hours at 25C
Tested ambient temperature -40şC to +55şC
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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 18 January, 2021.
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