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Manufacturer: Mikrotik
Product model: RB1100AHx2
Stock: out of stockout of stock
Packaging: 10 pcs/carton
Your price: 140.27 EUR 
RouterBoard 1100 RB1000 Mikrotik
This device is our best performance 1U rackmount Gigabit Ethernet router. With a dual core CPU, it can reach up to a million packets per second.

It has thirteen individual gigabit Ethernet ports, two 5-port switch groups, and includes Ethernet bypass capability.

2GB of SODIMM RAM are included, there is one microSD card slot, a beeper and a serial port.

The RB1100AH comes preinstalled in a 1U aluminium rackmount case, assembled and ready to deploy.

Device in OEM version

Features :#

  • PowerPC P2020 dual core 1066MHz network CPU with IPsec accelerator
  • SODIMM DDR Slot, 2GB installed (supports up to 1.5GB)
  • Thirteen 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Gigabit Ethernet with Auto-MDI/X
  • Includes switch to enable ethernet bypass in two ports
  • MicroSD slot
  • 1U case: 45 x 75 x 440 mm, 1185g. Board only: 375g
  • High performance

RouterBOARD 1100 differences
CPU RB1100AH: PowerPC 1066MHz CPU
RB1100Hx2: PowerPC 1066MHz Dual Core CPU
RB1100AHx2: PowerPC 1066MHz Dual Core with hardware encryption
Memory SODIMM DDR Slot:
RB1100AH: 2GB installed
RB1100Hx2: 1GB installed
RB1100AHx2: 2GB installed

Specification :#

CPU PowerPC P2020 dual core 1066MHz network CPU with IPsec accelerator
Memory SODIMM DDR Slot, 2GB installed (RouterOS will use only up to 1.5GB)
Boot loader RouterBOOT, 1Mbit Flash chip
Data storage Onboard NAND memory chip, one microSD card slot
Ethernet Thirteen 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Gigabit Ethernet with Auto-MDI/X
Ethernet Includes switch to enable Ethernet bypass mode in two ports
miniPCI none
Serial port One DB9 RS232C asynchronous serial port
Extras Reset switch, beeper, voltage and temperature sensors
Power options Built-in power supply (IEC C14 standard connector 110/220V), PoE (12-24V on port 13)
Fan Built in fans, and Fan headers
Dimensions 1U case: 44 x 176 x 442 mm, 1275g. Board only: 365g
Operating System MikroTik RouterOS, Level 6 license
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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 13 October, 2014.
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