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NETSET FTP CAT 5e BOX Ethernet Cable 100%Cu, Aluminium shielding

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NETSET BOX FTP 5e E1515_305 is a top quality indoor FTP cable (twisted-pair cable) designed for use in professional computer networks inside buildings. Shielding layer made of aluminum foil allows to minimize crosstalk and interference with the external environment.

Distinguishing features of NETSET BOX FTP CAT 5e:
  • highest-quality materials, strict technological discipline confirmed by a 15-year quality guarantee,
  • Testing Laboratory of the National Institute of Telecommunications in Warsaw, Poland,
  • preliminary quality control of materials and thorough tests of the final product,
  • solid wires of 0.5 mm diameter (24 AWG),
  • wire insulation made of homogeneous, colored PE; outer diameter: 1.0 mm;
  • colors: white-green/green, white-orange/orange, white-brown/brown, white-blue/blue,
  • insulated wires twisted in pairs, protected with polyester foil,
  • shielding layer made of aluminum foil,
  • sheath made of gray PVC (RAL 7032), of 6.2 mm diameter,
  • meter markers - length error less than 0.5%.
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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 13 July, 2017.
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