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StationBox Mikro 5 (SBXM515)


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Compact CPE Enclosure#

StationBox® Mikro is compact outdoor enclosure with integrated MiMo antenna. StationBox® Mikro is simple, cost effective and durable CPE solution made for MikroTik RouterBoard RB92x, RB91x, RB71x and RB41x.

Made For MikroTikTM#

StationBox® Mikro is compact CPE designed for seamless integration with popular MikroTik RouterBoard RB92x, RB91x, RB71x and RB41x.

Integration Without Tools#

No tools are needed for board installation. Inserting the base panel into the top cover and closing the bottom cover is tool-less as well. Main body parts are secured by Auto-Lock System, that protects the box against co-accidental opening. With deployment time from carton box to pole below two minutes, the installation is fast, smooth and cost effective as never before.

Weather Resistant#

StationBox® Mikro was designed to be used in outdoor environment and to resist weather impacts. StationBox® Mikro is built from resistant UV stabilized ABS plastic. One-piece cover ensures the natural water resistance against rain and snow, while the enclosure is allowed to "breathe" - exchange hot air with environment and leak humidity in form of condensed drops of water.


Datasheet(info) Technical specification
Product ID SBXM515
Frequency Range 5450 - 5850 MHz
Gain H 15dBi / V13dBi
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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 07 October, 2015.