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Telcofiber cable AirFlow S-QOTKSdD 2x9/125 ITU-T G657A2

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Documentation: download datasheet for TELCOFIBER-S-QOTKSDD-2JTELCOFIBER-S-QOTKSDD-2J - Datasheet
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Telcofiber cable AirFlow S-QOTKSdD 9/125 ITU-T G.657A2 is the optic fiber cable, which is designed to transmit the infrared electromagnetic wave. The cable is resistant to electromagnetic interference, and is capable to transmit data with very high speed, up to hundreds of Gb/s. The cable contains single-mode fibers, which have the low dispersion and attenuation - this makes it capable to transmit data in long distances. It is ideal for transmit 1550 nm (3rd transmission window) and 1310 nm (2nd transmission window) waves. Using the xWDM technology, Telco Fiber single-mode fiber calbes can achieve transmission speeds at 1 Tb/s. The Telcofiber cable AirFlow S-QOTKSdD 1x9/125 ITU-T G.657A2 is a self-supporting, round, thin (diameter 3,0mm), reinforced with aramid fibers cable. It is ideal for making connection between indoor and outdoor opto-electric devices. It can be mounted in any technique, including pneumatic method. Due to the small outer diameter and G.657A2 standard fibers it is recommended to FTTH installations. The G.657A2 fiber has a 7,5mm bending diameter. As a support and endurance element the aramid fibers have been used, so the maximum tension for this cable is 800N, also this cable can be mounted near the electric installations. The outer shell is a UV resistant.

Number of fibers 2
Fiber type G.657A2
Coating thickness PU (0.75)
Cable diameter (mm) 3,0
Weight (kg/km) 7,8
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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 11 January, 2017.
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