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TwistPort Adaptor for RocketPRISM 5AC Gen2 (TP-ADAP-R5AC-PRISM)

Manufacturer: RFElements
Product model: TP-ADAP-R5AC-PRISM
Stock: out of stockout of stock
Packaging: 20 pcs/carton
Documentation: download datasheet for TP-ADAP-R5AC-PRISMTP-ADAP-R5AC-PRISM - Datasheet
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RF Elements TwistPort™ Adaptor for Rocket 5AC PRISM
The TwistPort™ Adaptor for Rocket 5AC PRISM and Rocket 5AC PRISM Gen2 makes the Rocket™ compatible with all TwistPort™ Antennas. TwistPort™ Adaptors are equipped with our original quick locking waveguide port. Connecting and disconnecting the Rocket™ 5AC PRISM and Rocket™ 5AC PRISM Gen2 into the TwistPort™ Adaptor is very simple and requires no tools.
Technical data
Antenna Connection TwistPort - Quick Locking Waveguide Port
Radio Connection 3x Slide-On RP-SMA and 1x RP-SMA for GPS
Materials Insert - Aluminium Alloy
Adaptor - UV stabilized and weather resistant ABS plastic
Flame Rating UL 94 HB
Temperature -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F)
Wind Survival 160 km/h
Weight 0.36 Kg / 0.8 lbs
Frequency Range 5180 - 6400 MHz
Polarization Dual Linear H + V
VSWR Max 1.8
Impedance 50 Ohm
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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 05 October, 2016.
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