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Manufacturer: Optix
Product model: DAC Z-XOTKtcd-02x657A
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Documentation: download datasheet for DAC Z-XOTKtcd-02x657ADAC Z-XOTKtcd-02x657A - Datasheet
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DAC Z-XOTKtcd-2x657A#

OPTIX Cable DAC (Direct Access Cable) Z-XOTKtcd 1.2kN
OPTIX DAC cable Z-XOTKtcd: lightweight single-tube construction about 30kg / km, high flexibility and drag resistance, gel and water blocking structure (WB), HDPE coating (orange) , temperature range -20 °C - 70 °C, reinforced with 2 FRP rods (ø 0.9mm), completely dielectric - equivalent to DAC Z-XOTKtcd. Outdoor cables designed for direct burial in the ground.

The cable design allows easy installation and high crushing (1000N) and tensile (1200N) strength. All cable fibers have color coding in accordance with the coding standard. The loose tube contains up to 24 optical fibers and is filled with a hydrophobic gel to protect the fibers from moisture and vibration. In order to provide additional structural strength, two FRP bars were embedded in the HDPE outer layer. Two threads embedded in the jacket make it easier to remove the outer sheath of the cable (ripcords). Cables for connecting last mile FTTH network clients.

The most important features:#

  • 2 opitcal fibers
  • Lightweight single-tube construction, high flexibility and drag resistance
  • Gel and water blocking structure (WB)
  • PE coating, UV resistant
  • Temperature range -20°C - 70°C
  • Reinforced with 2 FRP rods and glass fibers
  • Completely dielectric
  • Maximum installation stress: 1200N.
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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 05 November, 2019.
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