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Manufacturer: Mikrotik
Code: RTB-S-4554LC80D
Product model: S-4554LC80D
Stock: out of stockout of stock
In stock on 2021-03-09
Documentation: download datasheet for S-4554LC80DS-4554LC80D - Datasheet
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S-4554LC80D Mikrotik
A pair of industrial temperature grade (-40°C to +85°C) modules for 80km links, includes one S-45LC80D and one S-54LC80D.

SFP module S-45LC80D: 1.25G, SM, 80km, T1490nm/R1550nm, LC-connector, DDM.

SFP module S-54LC80D: 1.25G, SM, 80km, T1550nm/R1490nm, LC-connector, DDM.

Compatible with all MikroTik products, that have SFP or SFP+ cages.

Technical Specification#

Connector LC-connector
Data Rate 1.25G
Distance 80km
Format SFP
Mode SM
Wavelength 1490nm/R1550nm
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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 18 September, 2018.
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